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paying attention

hello friends! it's been a little minute since i've connected here and there are a few things on my mind that i want to share. where to start. that's always the question right?

first, i want to share a little joy with you.

when we are paying attention, we are choosing to continually stay connected to the beauty around us that might be overlooked if we aren't keenly aware that we are constantly supported and surrounded by the magical rhythms of the universe.

leaving an acupuncture appointment recently, i looked down and was surrounded by ginkgo leaves. immediately filled with joy, i picked up a few to carry along with me. my favorite tree for so many reasons, i always feel supported when i am near one. the ginkgo is a symbol of peace, hope and vitality and also serves as a symbol of love and duality, representing longevity, as the ginkgo tree is the oldest surviving species of tree known to exist, spanning more than 200 million years! how lovely is that? connecting with this gorgeous, symbolic specimen is a privilege and brings me to a place of hope, and a longing to tap into the resilient nature of this historical beauty.

in invitation:

lately, i've been thinking about how soon we will be stepping into a new year. traditionally, we come up with 'new year's resolutions' and start the year with goals for ourselves. i invite you to join me in ditching the resolutions for the new year and starting TODAY, december 1, begin with a diary of intentions/sankalpas. for me, intentions are different than resolutions. setting an intention feels softer, more doable, more positive. i love the idea of beginning before the new year, to reflect, go within, and really think about what it is that we truly desire to set in motion. setting intentions or "sankalpas" NOW - TODAY feels powerful and in a sense getting ahead of the game a little. but it's more than that, it's also moving away from the traditional way of doing things which is always appealing to me. if you want to join me, start by crafting a small journal and begin to write down anything that comes to your mind when you think about how you want to move around in this world. what feels good? and what would you like to do different? what are your heartfelt intentions? write down positive quotes, sketch ideas and thoughts, and anything that inspires you. keep it real and simple!

speaking of the new year!! in collaboration with my friend and partner in crime, Leslie Campbell, a new exhibition is in the works!

leslie and i are both avid forest dwellers and are constantly inspired by the depth of magic and teachings from nature that the forest offers. from this inspiration, an exhibition to share our findings through art was born. 'forest anthology' - an illustrated journey & restoration of the human soul is on the books for spring of 2022. we will keep you posted as the details are unfolding!

leslie is on the path to become a certified forest therapy guide and has shared with me her powerful invitations and findings on a few occasions as we venture into the wild and beautiful forests that surround us. these works that will be featured in our exhibition are direct results of our experiences and our tuning in to the messages received when we are paying attention. enjoy a sneak peak of some of the work that will be in the exhibition.....

'blue hole'

by leslie campbell

'mutualistic relationship'

by leslie campbell


by kim beller

'when we were trees'

by kim beller

one more thing! with the holiday season upon us, i feel compelled to invite you to support local businesses and artists, buy handmade, or make your own gifts. Through ART NEST PODCAST, leslie and i recently recorded a podcast episode on this subject that you might enjoy listening to! i have a few favorite shops to share! my friends jonathan and kathleen have a sweet little shop full of handmade cards and fun collage materials for the collage artists out there! our dear family friend and sweet new mama, raegan benson creates the best concoctions for healing and nurturing. check out 'adapted healing' for the most delicious gifts for the special peeps on your gift list! my friend jackie deConti has an amazing offering beginning in the new year that highly recommend if you are looking to expand your learning and dive deep into the world of yoga and ayurveda.(space is limited, so check out soon) gifts to yourself are also important!! keep up the self nurturing y'all! ;)

other ways to give and support are to invest in the work that animal sanctuaries do, whether making a donation, joining their Patreon, or sponsoring an animal. a few sanctuaries that i love, support, and have personally worked with are 'cows come home' in talbot,tennessee, 'wild heart farm sanctuary' in mars hill, north Carolina, and

'jp farm animal sanctuary' in litchfield, connecticut. there are so many more who are doing wonderful and meaningful work. these are just a few to get you started!

i'll leave you with this inspiring video, shared with me by my friend and artist colleague, donna moore.

i am now offering 'art talk' sessions. please see the details here!

also, consider subscribing to my email! i'll send little morsels of love from time to time, including some instructional videos and inspiration! i promise i won't bombard your inbox! ;)

stay in touch and let me know if you start an intention/sankalpa diary! wishing you many blessings, opportunities to pay attention, and mindful experiences in nature. have a lovely december.

'forest dance'

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Dec 01, 2021

"NOW - TODAY feels powerful and in a sense getting ahead of the game a little. but it's more than that, it's also moving away from the traditional way of doing things which is always appealing to me." That's for sure! I'm going to start a journal like this today, thanks to you! Also, thanks for the shoutout! <3

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