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Artist Bio

Born and raised on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, Kim Beller's art and educational offerings are deeply rooted in nature. An award-winning artist, her education and art practice is infused with a passion for humanitarian work, sharing joy in creativity, and a mythical symbolism and allegory that speaks to a history born of sand and sea. 


Kim creates her eclectic and evocative, mixed media works through intuition, and heart-centered intention. She specializes in abstract processes, including intuitive painting, art journaling, and book-making. Kim has facilitated multiple art classes and retreats across Southeastern North Carolina, including at The Cameron Art Museum - Museum School in Wilmington, NC. She is a musician, a certified yoga instructor, (RYT 200), certified reflexologist, and enjoys sharing yoga, music and meditation with small groups.  Her heart work is end of life planning /care and after death care.  She is an end of life doula, and a member of Center for Conscious Living and Dying in Swananoa, NC, where she completed 'Culture Guide Training' and cared for residents at the center. Kim is passionate about offering compassionate care and community at the end of life.

Kim and her husband live in her hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Artist Statement:

My paintings and art journals reflect a deep connection to nature and all sentient beings. Profoundly influenced by my surroundings, my work is inspired by the many beautiful places I have lived, including the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Hudson Valley, and the Southeastern coast of  North Carolina.  I am continually floating on memories from my childhood, growing up by the sea and marsh with my artist mom and adventurous dad, each instilling art and creativity in me from an early age. Floating on memories from my youth, I often paint memories on paper or canvas, letting them unfold and evolve from deep within my hippocampus, neo-cortex and amygdala.


Salt water runs through my veins.  I am deeply inspired by ocean, sand, sun, and moon, and  am continuously reminded of the immense power of nature.  Many mediums, including natural pigments, graphite, plaster, clay, and image transfer techniques meld in layers of color and iconography. Birds and ladders are a common thread  along with other symbols richly grounded in nature and earth spirit. I am especially fond of creating mandalas and providing sacred space for others to tap into this healing and enriching practice. 

I have a passion for humanitarian causes, my art at its foundation is activism with purpose. Those layers of pigment contain hidden messages, mantras, love notes and intentions. Each work of art a message and mantra to the world.  The mantra is simple. Be love.

Words from students and collectors-

"I’ve been enchanted by the energy within Kim’s art from the moment I met her many moons ago at an art journaling workshop that she led. Her playful approach to allowing herself to be in communication with her muses while creating is awe-inspiring. The potency of Kim’s artwork dwells in the many layers of her process - from ghostwriting, to collage, to the ladders and birds that often make an appearance. Kim has a gift for creating pieces of both deep meaning and playful spirit - that unravel messages of universal compassion and authentic beauty. " Jackie D. Wilmington , NC

"I love your work.  I know that you work intuitively and appreciate your response to music, nature, books etc…I feel like we have a lot in common that way.  You feel things deeply and one can tell that it’s spiritual.  That you can transform your interactions and experiences with nature into paintings is a gift.  Your “Protection” painting that I have captures a feeling I have when I meditate on the true character of Ravens.  They hold a special place for me in my heart and i can see myself in that painting.  This is why I think your work resonates with your following. You’re able to connect people’s experience with nature or their personal blossoming with art.  They see themselves in your art!​"  Leslie C. Flag Pond, TN

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