Kim Beller, a North Carolina mixed media artist, lives and makes art in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of Asheville. Born and raised by the sea, her art reflects her love of nature, animals, and humans alike. She creates her evocative art pieces by listening to her intuition, always guided to create from her heart.

Sharing her passion for creating with others, Kim teaches art classes and workshops specializing in art journaling, intuitive painting, and book making.  

Kim is the founder of Sanctuary Tour, an organization that supports farm animal sanctuaries.   Visit sanctuarytour.org to learn more.

Artist statement

Spirit flows through me and I listen to my intuition. My paintings and journals reflect my love for nature and for all sentient beings, and our interconnectedness to it all. Everywhere I go I find inspiration and am continually floating on memories from my childhood, growing up by the sea and in the marsh with my creative parents. Today, the blue ridge mountains are home - where I am grounded in nature, and in awe of the 480 million year old Appalachian mountains. From waterfalls and bright green mossy covered boulders, to the tiniest hummingbird sipping nectar from flowers in the garden, everything inspires me and reminds me of the immense power of nature and it’s ability to thrive in all situations. I also have an intense desire to share words, images, marks and my voice to support black lives and to address and help erase systemic racism in our world today. My dharma (purpose) is to be a voice for and a protector of animals. My art is activism with purpose -  layers and layers of hidden messages, mantras, love notes and intentions, each piece of art is a message and mantra to the world. The mantra is simple. Be love.


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