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"desire lines" - a new series

using multiple mediums, color and light, lines and textures, i am working on a new series - "desire lines" which i learned about from my friend carrie who has a podcast called "desire lines radio." desire lines are created by the paths we choose to take. often, architects will use desire lines in their work, taking note of the most used routes and paths before determining the layout and plans for sidewalks, paths, etc.

the more i thought about and pondered the idea of desire lines, the more i realized that i am constantly forging my own path, thus "desire lines" in life and work, and always have been.

we have paths that can be seen on the mountain where we live that the animals have created by using it over and over to get to wherever they are going, and we create our own paths through the woods as well. desire lines are often found in nature off the beaten path. i recently read an article about a homeowner who made a cool looking path and welcome sign where people continued to cut through their yard. instead of putting up a fence to keep people out, they created a welcoming atmosphere where the desire line was. this really gave me hope in humanity and inspired me to further explore the many ways i can create desire lines in my work. the series has begun, is a work in progress, and will continue to build and change and evolve over time as art always does. there are multiple layers and moving pieces to this work that will continue to unveil itself to me as i play with this idea of "desire lines" in my art and in my every day life.

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