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i hardly knowing where to begin. we are about to start a new year (can i get a hell yes!!!!!???????)and there are so many things running through my mind. first i want to give a quick update from my last post! (if you didn't read it, you may want to check it out)

i was off insta for about a week. i didn't look at the feed or post during the time off but did check messages. i had loads of things i would have posted in the past but stayed in the moment without documenting with photos for insta and it was divine! each morning i went to my studio and wrote in my journal, or took out my art journal, or folded peace cranes or origami book marks, and listened to the Art Juice podcast. it's funny how much i got done during this time! between inspiration from the podcast and my friend misty, i cleaned my studio, added things to my shop, made art that felt really really good to make, and got so much done in my house as well! i had such so much clarity and space for doing the things i love to do and not being on insta seemed to help. it was really cathartic and proves to me that i personally don't need to be there too often. this is SUCH a personal thing! we are all so different and need different things at different times. for me, the break has been just fabulous! SO, on monday, i decided to share a few things on my story, and also did a post with my painting that i had just listed in my shop. it felt good to post and look at a very few posts on my feed and then check out! while i will still be checking messages there, i am committed to TRYING to stay off as much as possible because i see the results. please feel free to leave a comment about how YOU navigate social media mindfully! that's the key for me is to be mindful about it all. i will continue to take long breaks in between posting and looking at feeds.

here we are almost to 2021 THANK GOD....... and i'm reminiscing about the things i used to do before covid became the worst thing ever. vision boards have always been fun and i've facilitated a lot of workshops over the years for vision boards and other art projects. i have no idea what to even do on a vision board right now.... to be honest, i'm feeling kind of stuck. like, where and what can we do? i'm really hoping that covid gets better now that there's a vaccine and things can start getting somewhat back to our "new" normal. i have dreams of facilitating workshops and classes here in the mountains and in a few other places as well. i miss getting together with friends and other artists and believe that the community we have is so important. my art journaling practice has been my therapy for many years and i've made some bundles of inspiration for art journaling/ collage/ art/ etc and listed in my shop. they were so much fun to make, using so many of the things i love but am ready to share!

i have a question for other artists- what do you do with old paintings? i have a pile of paintings that i know i will never sell or do anything with, but they are still here.... sitting in the corner. i want to hear from you! tell me what you do with yours or toss some ideas around! one of my friends told me that she burns hers in the bonfire. her paintings are so beautiful and i can hardly stand the thought of them burning.... but this is her way of letting go. she said she thinks of them like a mandala and just enjoys the process of painting. as much as i practice aparigraha in my life this is just hard for me and i really want to figure out a good thing to do with these paintings i've been holding on to. one thought was to just leave them somewhere and say "free art" .... "take what inspires you"....

i would love to hear your thoughts! xx

oh! and i almost forgot to tell you! we had a white christmas! it was dreamy. wherever you are i hope you had a good holiday - whatever you celebrate.

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Jan 03, 2021

You could give your paintings away. I’m sure there are people who would cherish them. You could also mod podge collage over them Or use foil tape and found objects to add dimension.

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