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peace of mind

an important element of end of life care is preparation and planning.

 "peace of mind" is a contemplative mindful practice developed to assist with the many decisions to be considered for end of life. created with intention, while integrating my personal experiences and training, my hope is that it becomes the norm to have open conversations around death and dying, to contemplate death and to prepare in a way that will bring peace of mind to us and our loved ones. talking and thinking about our mortality can be scary, healing and cathartic all at once.  an invitation to join me in a safe and sacred space, whether in group or one-on-one is here for you now.  please send an email and we will set up a time to have a conversation. 

'peace of mind' in person workshop will be at porters neck yoga/BHAVANA COMMUNITY on Sunday, March 24 at 1:00-4:00. 

more info here

'peace of mind' series will be offered soon in an online community for all to join. 

'art of the journal' - working with grief coming soon to my home studio.


dancing with the divine.  this is what i see when i think about dying.  many of us are afraid to talk about death and dying.  understandably so, as this is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. after losing my mom in 2008 to ovarian cancer, i knew that i wanted to deeply explore the great mystery of dying.  i wanted to know more and to be prepared as best i could for my own death, to share my wishes with my family and to hopefully bring more ease to them when i die.  as an 'end of life doula' i have spent time by the bedside of people dying (including my mother and father), while holding space for them and their families.  my daughter, hagan, who is also an end of life doula, is my inspiration and greatest teacher.  i am more comfortable with death because of her and our conversations around death and dying, and am grateful for her insight, experience and support. end of life work is the most purposeful work i have ever had the privilege to do and i'm honored to share with you. i designed 'peace of mind' with intention and integrated aspects of my own life and experiences with the souls i have sat with as they take their last breath. if you would like inquire about end of life doula services, home funerals and vigils, after death care, or preparation and planning, please email me and we will set up a time to talk.  

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