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ART TALK with Kim

Combining my years of experience as an artist and art teacher, yoga instructor, meditation instructor, and nurturer, with all of the studying, research, workshops, and classes I've taken, this is a special offering for you to take time for yourself and tune in to your potential through art talks with me.  Whether on zoom, FaceTime, or talking on the phone, we will establish a relationship and you will have a safe haven and confidant to express anything you need to express as an artist and gain gentle guidance, feedback, and support.  Together, with me on your team, we come up with a plan that works for YOU to reach your goals and bring your dreams to fruition.  Through creating a check-in schedule that is both doable and inspiring you will be well on your way to accomplishing anything you need and want to accomplish.  Consider me your personal confidant, cheerleader, biggest fan, with a unique and objective approach and a lifetime of tools in my toolbox that I will share with you.  Tailored especially to your needs and goals, our time together can range from talking, brainstorming, doing art together virtually (or in person if you are in the Asheville area), and more.  I have a formula that we follow and  I will give you prompts and homework based on your unique journey, and it will be awesome! 
Initial 25 minute consult is free and a great place to start if you are interested in taking your vision to the next level. 

Please send email through the form below to inquire and get started! I look forward to working with you. 
Cheers to taking your art to the next level!! 

Please fill out the form and I will get back in touch shortly.

Thank you! 

Thank you for reaching out, I will get back to you as

soon as possible! 

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