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A glimpse into my journals and my process. 

My journaling practice began over 20 years ago and has been a vital part of my daily routine, one I depend on to save me from my own self at times, and to savor the freedom to explore in an uninhibited way through expression with words, color, paint, collage, ephemera, mixed media, papers, and mark making tools.  The sky is the limit where no rules apply.  Remnants of memories and emotions spill onto the pages, assisting in letting go, being in the present moment, and moving forward.  When we trust our internal voice, and let go of expectations it enables us to acquire insight and understanding of the creative process through raw, honest, vulnerable truth. We get lost in the process of creating, and discover new ideas , themes, and techniques that will ultimately come through in our paintings.  Visual journaling is a bridge for me - from my journal to my canvas.  As an instructor, I have seen this process over and over, the journal becomes a sketchbook of sorts that will reveal a lot to the artist if we are willing to listen and see it. 

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