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There is an immense story to tell of the echoing, of the human-earth connection, of the longing for and belonging to Earth. The movement and migration of humans and animals, the loss and gain, the love and the grief, the calling to be home.

I am excited to collaborate with my friend Elizabeth Porritt Carrington in a body of work steeped in wisdom and of deep contemplative substance. Our paintings tell a story of a tender opening heart, and what it is to be alive in the natural world, as women, artists, mothers,and spiritual beings. Elizabeth and I are entangling our artistic expressions to offer an intuitive visual language of remembering and ancient wisdom, creating a painting together, intuitively playing off of each others marks and visual expression as we witness the ebb and flow - the unfolding.

Our collaborative exhibition will include new work from each of us and will be held at ArtPlay Studio and Gallery in Asheville, NC.

Opening reception is Friday, November 4 at 5:00 PM.

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