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every painting tells a story

my daughter Lacie and I were outside a couple of months ago and I looked over the mountain and saw a perfectly shaped bird cloud. seriously it was exactly the shape in this painting. (which happened after the siting)

that afternoon I went to my neighbor's house and we were standing by her pond when I spotted a huge and beautiful water snake right by my feet.

later that day I was standing in my kitchen looking out the window towards the garden and I spotted a splash of pink. I had been thinking that I really wanted to plant some echinacea soon (also known as coneflower) and there they were at the end of the garden! this is one of my favorite things about moving somewhere new - getting to see all of the new plants that emerge in the spring and other seasons. the next day I was in my studio listening to Native American drumming music and this painting came through me. I had no thoughts or plans on how the painting would go. I just started painting and the music and the paint brush and the paint and the paper all came together as one - as the visions and images I had seen the day before. I love this painting because it came together so organically and intuitively. layer and layers of words and color and images. this story is relevant because everything we do and see and think and feel is relevant. everything adds up to the next thing and the next and the next. my thoughts and ideas and memories and visions are always building upon each other yet they are all their own unique entities. I'm so excited that this painting is here and ready for the person who needs it to scoop it up and find the perfect spot for it.

"truth flows through me" is a testament to always being open and listening. always learning, seeing, acknowledging, allowing the truth to emerge. sometimes the shadows and the darkness are the truth and that is just as worthy of honoring (or more) as the light and the joyful moments. the shadows are the truth. by honoring the truth of the shadows we grow and evolve and love. we grow. always growing.

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